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FIVE STAR® helps parents and teachers set exceptional students up for success with our unique product features that keep their notes, handouts and school supplies together and in order all year long.

Our thoughtfully designed school supplies help carry more, organize better and stay strong. Help them spend less time searching and more time learning.

Advance Notebook

Five Star® Advance Notebook

Movable pocket divider to organize their own way! 

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Five Star® Quick-View 4-Pocket Plastic Folder

Quick-view tabs and labels to find their work. Layered pockets are color coded. 

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4 Pocket Plastic Folder
Expandable Zipper Binder

Five Star® 2" Expandable Zipper Binder

Expandable pocket for quick and easy supply storage. Carry more, misplace less. 

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Five Star® Pop-Up Pencil Pouch

Capacity doubles. Keep all small school supplies in one place. 

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Pop-up Pencil Pouch

Capacity Zipper Binder

Five Star® 4" Capacity Zipper Binder

Plenty of room and pockets to carry all their school subjects, plus keep their papers and supplies well organized and protected. 

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Stand N Store Pencil Pouch

Five Star® Stand 'N Store Pencil Pouch

All those small, easy-to-lose school supplies are just a quick and easy grab away. No more wasted time searching for pens, pencils, glue sticks and sticky notes! 

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Spiral Notebooks

Five Star® Spiral Notebooks

Built sturdy enough to tough out the entire school year. The paper inside is heavy-duty too. Use both sides knowing the pages resist ink showing through. 

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7 Pocket Expanding File

Five Star® 5 and 7 Pocket Expanding File with Removable Files

Our expanding files stretch far and wide to hold all their papers. Build strong to last the entire school year...and that's not a stretch by any means! 

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Reinforced Insertable Notebook

Five Star® Reinforced Insertable Notebook Paper

Count on this paper to stay put in their notebook so their notes are there when they need them. 

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Monthly Planner

Five Star® Customizable Student Academic 2021-2022 Weekly/Monthly Planner

The clear front sleeve lets your student insert a personalized cover page, while the planning pages make it easy to keep track of assignments and key dates. 

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